Toyota Ku:Rin Breaks Compressed Air Speed Record With 80.3 mph (129 km/h) [Video]

After they have set record for electric vehicle at Nurburgring, the guys from Toyota seems to be determined to become the absolute master of green car records considering that the Japanesse car maker is back with another go-fast eco development.

According to Integrity Exports, this three-wheeled vehicle (pictured above) developed by Toyota Industries Corp., a subsidiary of Toyota Motors, called the Ku:Rin, is now the world’s fastest compressed air vehicle. As for the weird name, is likely derived from the Japanese kanji for “air” (ku) and “wheel” (rin).

Anyway, the Ku:Rin prototype hit the track at Japan Automobile Research Institute’s test facility, managing to hit a top speed of 80.3 mph (129 km/h), and Toyota says it will submit the results to Guinness World Records.

The Unique car takes its power from a reversed A/C compressor that relies on the expansion of compressed air to generate power. However, despite the reasonable top speed, the system, with its compressed air tanks, offers a driving range of only 2 miles (3.2 km), which is laughable.

Still, the Japanesse car maker insists that this is not just showboating, as the achievement demonstrates its expertise in building AC compressors for your car.

Source: Integrity Exports

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