Smart Shoppers Should Read These Tips Before Building a Custom Exhaust System

by SpeedLux
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Most people who consider themselves to be car enthusiasts have toyed with the notion of building their own exhaust system at one time or another. Maybe some have actually been brave enough and had the time to do so. The reasons for choosing to opt for a customized exhaust system can be: to save money, test out the skill of fabricating your own designs, or perhaps, just maybe, it’s because average after-market systems don’t make the cut. Regardless of the reason, people who think about building their own exhaust probably wonder if the price you pay is really worth it.

The general consensus on the matter is that while it can be a good idea to DIY there’s a lot that can go wrong.  Companies like can help you decide which route you feel is best for your current automobile situation.

Custom Exhaust Systems Usually Cost More


Let’s put first things first and be upfront about the cost of doing it yourself. It won’t be cheaper in most cases to build a custom system. This is not that surprising in reality, and should be viewed as an investment for the protection/safety of your vehicle. Opting for crush-bent tubing while cheaper in price, will not offer the amazing airflow that a mandrel bent tubing will. You need a mandrel bent tube to maximize performance. A simple dual-exhaust system will tend to run somewhere in the ballpark of $300.


Know What You’re Doing


You wouldn’t just attempt surgery without the proper training would you? It’s surprising how many people lack the welding and fabrication skills required to do a proper exhaust system and still attempt it anyway. This is a recipe for a potentially huge waste of time and money should anything go wrong. Things to keep mind when going for DIY approach can be:

  • Low quality welding will crack more easily which can cause exhaust leaks that tax the power and risk safety of the car.
  • Improper installation can cause the stainless steel to rust and corrode prematurely.
  • Hanging an exhaust system is far from easy. Aligning your systems mounting points to the factory mounting points might be problematic

A Custom Exhaust Is Still the Way to Go!

For most people, they will choose to go the traditional route and never think twice about their exhaust system. Those who consider a custom design the way to go need to cultivate a willingness and love for the process involved in building their own exhaust system even though it may cost more. The benefits of an aftermarket exhaust system can deliver quite a few different perks. However the factory system may actually be better in some cases, but this will not deter those who enjoy the process itself. The trick to getting the most out of a custom exhaust system is to put in the time and effort required to have a good system.


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