October 29, 2020

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    German driver Uwe Schrager had the strange curiosity to see if the airbags of his Ford Mondeo worked and so he crashed his car purposely to check the same.

    The 45-year old Uwe tested negative for alcohol or drugs, but wanted to test the airbags of his vehicle and so he collided with a tree purposely. The incident took place at Goslar in Lower Saxony in Central Germany and when police arrived at the spot, they saw him putting the car’s bumpers and other parts in the boot. It was clear that he just wanted to drive away back home and then repair the car. Also he wanted to put the airbags back into the containers.

    When the police asked him about the incident, the driver said that “I knew that the car was fitted with airbags but I didn’t trust that they would work, so I wanted to test them.” The man is currently unemployed and he believes that it is the insurance company’s job to fix the car, even though he admitted he intentionally crashed the car.

    The police confiscated his license and rightly so and now he will be going through a series of psychiatric tests to check if he is mentally stable.

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