South Korea to expand Takata air bag recall by 110,000 vehicles

Takata air bag recalls

South Korea stated on Wednesday that 13 automakers will recall about 110,000 cars geared up with Takata Corp‘s faulty air bags, the most recent advancement in a long-running safety crisis involving the Japanese company.

The United States in May revealed a new round of recall of Takata’s air bag inflators which have been connected to at least 14 deaths and more than 100 injuries and triggered the largest-ever automobile recall. Since then, other countries have been announcing their own nationwide recalls.

South Korea’s transportation ministry stated an overall of 221,870 vehicles made by 17 automakers have faulty Takata air bags. While 13 companies consisting of Honda Motor, Toyota Motor, BMW and Audi plan to recall about 110,000 of them, 4 others consisting of General Motors and Mercedes-Benz have actually not selected their global recall strategies.

The ministry stated those companies could face a fine or a 10-year jail sentence should they delay recalls.

In 2013, South Korea began recalls of some 50,000 lorries with malfunctioning Takata air bags, with almost 45 percent of the models having replacement airbags by June this year.

Numerous international automakers are working to replace as lots of as 100 million defective air bag inflators worldwide. Takata air bag inflators can blow up with excessive force and spray metal shrapnel into car passenger compartments.

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  1. That’s a big loss for Takata Corp end but it is better to be safe. The lives and safety of people are most valuable than money although in the business point of view this kind of mentality is not acceptable. For them, money is more important. Good job South Korea!

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