September 26, 2020

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    Kids enjoy automobiles, although they can’t drive them. A British company has developed a brand-new vehicle by car professionals for 5- to 10-year-olds, and needs some test drivers to make it perfect.

    It took nine months to establish the under-10 2-seater, which has twin electric motors, disc brakes, independent suspension and also right- or left-hand drive steering.

    It can do as much as 16 kmh, and has a security system that identifies barriers and auto-brakes the car.

    It was styled by vehicle designer Chris Johnson, the training vehicle produced by Young Driver Motor Cars Limited, which is a part of Britain’s supplier of pre-17 driving lessons.

    “This is not a toy, it is very certainly a little car,” Kim Stanton, director of Young Motorist, stated.

    “We have actually had actually kids involved during its development, working with the designers and engineers to make sure that it supplies a practical driving experience.”

    The car will formally release in May as part of a young driver security training program, so far just in Britain.


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