Spyker Crossover to release Next Year Followed by Sales in 2016

Spyker recently made announcement of company’s plans to launch a brand new Dutch crossover model somewhere in 2014 and the production slated to commence in 2016.

As per the company, the to-be-introduced Spyker will take inspiration from the 2006 Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris model, though it might be more subtle and will have a different and a unique identity of its own.

The company released this information in the ongoing Geneva Motor Show 2013. The company also stated that the sale of this model will be in much lesser quantity, infact even lesser than Spyker’s flagship and one of the best selling model B6 Venator sports model.

The company has not revealed any other details about the car but it is surely going to create some excitement among the car lovers and we will wait till further announcement.

One more report:-

Spyker introduced the D8 crossover concept at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show and finally the company is preparing to launch the production model.

A wellknown magazine reported that the company will display an updated concept, possibly next year, that resembles the 2016 model. Little is known regarding the crossover, but it is being touted as extravagantly finished than the original. However, Spyker says that it will continue to be an exclusive high-performance vehicle.

As it has been already reported that, Spyker and Zhejiang Youngman signed an contract to build the so-called Super Sports Utility Vehicle last August. While it was expected that the vehicle would be launched in 2014, but now it appears the launch has been delayed to get the B6 Venator into production as soon as possible.

For now we have only limited information so let us wait patiently till the crossover actually gets launched. Have a look at picture gallery.

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