Spyker B6 concept to be showcased at Geneva

Spyker’s B6 concept is the new kid on the block which will be formally disclosed on March 5 in Geneva.

After a couple of indecisive sketchy images here is a leaked official image of the Spyker B6 concept which will be called Venator which means hunter in Latin.

Power will get boost from a mid-engine V6 producing 375 hp (280 kW). It is likely to have a overall weight of less than 3,080 lbs (1,397 kg) due to an aluminum chassis and a carbon fiber body.

Spyker’s CEO said that the car will have just about the same proportions as the Porsche Boxster and will carry a price tag between 160,000 USD and 200,000 USD.

This particular car looks stylish, elegant, posh and beautiful. It has the oomph factor to command enough attraction. It is a rich man’s car and will be hit among elites and businessmen alike.

Spyker B6 concept - 1

Spyker B6 concept - 2

Spyker B6 concept

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