Supercharged HPE600 Camaro with 602HP from Hennessey

by Alex

Hennessey is the home to the largest lineup of late-model high performance sports cars, muscle cars, supercars, trucks & SUVs, including the 1200 BHP Venom GT. The products have a wide range from the new Ford Raptor, Chevy Camaro SS, Dodge Challenger SRT8, Dodge Viper SRT10, Chevy Corvette, Ford 5.0 Mustang and Nissan GT-R etc.

Hennessey Performance also offers packages for upgrades for many exciting vehicles round the world and even offers complete turnkey cars. The upgrades include wide range of proven high performance upgrades that happen after market. All the upgrades from mild updates to very wild updates are then subjected to rigorous testing. They are tested on various tracks to enhance the performance and reliability. They are also tested for street legalities and also tested for high performance under various conditions which are dyno proven. The most common upgrades include bolt on parts such as air intake and induction kits. Some other updates which are commonly undertaken by Hennessey Performance are stainless steel cat back exhaust and header systems, computer programmers and engine upgrades. Sometimes, super chargers and blower systems as well as complete 1000+ horse power twin turbo applications are also upgraded to enhance the performance and reliability.

So, the unique selling point for Hennessey Performance upgrades is the horse power enhancement. One of the recent upgrade is described below.

The recent release of the Hennessey Performance is a performance upgrade for Chevy’s new Camaro SS. It is called as HPE 600 and it is based on 2010-2011 LS3 or L99 powered versions. It encompasses many things which include a TVS2300 Supercharger System. This is unique and popular as it raises output to 602 hp and 595 lb-ft (807 Nm) of torque which is very high compared to the industry standards.

The tuner which is based in Texas also claims that the speed rises from zero to sixty miles per hour in just three seconds which is exemplary. The Texas-based tuner also claims that the HPE600 is capable of running the quarter mile (~400 meters) in 11 seconds.

The recent video of this upgrade which is released will show the jump and after that you can hear that specific, spine-chilling Hennessey grunt.

The Hennessey official website also states that there are many more additional features and performance features which are available. Some of them include the other high-performance parts, like cold air induction system and upgraded injectors. The below table summarizes the upgrades and performance options available for the HPE 600.

The HPE600 Supercharged Upgrade Includes:

• TVS2300 Supercharger System (Black or Chrome)
• HPE Cold Air Induction System
• 1 7/8 inch Long Tube Stainless Steel Headers
• High Flow Catalytic Converters
• Fuel Injector Upgrade
• HPE Engine Management Calibration
• Hennessey & HPE600 Exterior Badging
• Limited Edition Numbered Dash & Engine Plaques
• Hennessey Premium Floor Mats
• Professional Installation
• Dyno Tuning & Road Testing
• 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Limited Warranty 

Additional Appearance and Performance Options 
for the HPE600 also available include:

• Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust
• Exterior Stripes
• Lightweight Wheels
• Torque Converter or Clutch Upgrade
• Full Coliover Suspension Kit
• Hennessey CarbonAero Body Kit
• Custom Leather Interior

Source: carscoop

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