Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Polizia Stradale sets tracks on fire at Monza

by Alex

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, is one car you do not want chasing you, ever. Unless you have a super car in your hands, you are not going to last more than a few minutes in this chase. Of the two Lamborghini’s donated to the Italian police department by the Italian car makers, one was destroyed in a serious car crash, a year ago. The other, a Gallardo LP560-4 was spotted racing in the Grand Prix motor racing circuit, Monza.

Gallardo is a sports car built by Lamborghini. It is the company’s most produced model till date with more than ten thousand produced. Its name means Gallant and is named after a famous breed of fighting bull. LP 560-4 is one of the most powerful variants of the Gallardo which first got to see the light of day at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show. The 560 portion of the car’s name indicates its horsepower 560 PS (412kW) at 8000rpm, while 4 denotes all-wheel-drive. As compared to previous Gallardo, the power was increased by 40PS and weight was reduced by 20 Kilos. The power to weight ratio is 2.5 kg/hp, providing enhanced performance. Its speed races from 0-100kmph in 3.5 seconds with a top speed at 325 km/hr. Now, do you want this car chasing you?

It is powered by 5.2L V10 engine with direct injection. Its transmission is either a six- speed manual or a six speed E gear, which enables to change gears through a rotational selector and not a fore/aft movement. This increases shifting speed by 40 percent in Corsa mode that allows greater slip angle. The Thrust Mode ensures maximum acceleration from neutral and the Automatic Mode changes gear in total independence for a comfortable mode. The direct injection of the engine helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18 percent. Its construction utilizes the ‘Space frame construction method’. Due to this the body is exceptionally light, torsion stiff and displays the highest safety characteristics. It fulfills the obligatory European directives regarding the safety of pedestrians. The new suspension improves the car’s handling, its driving comfort and its directional stability at high speeds. This car has Bi Xenon headlights which provide ample illumination during the night and LED daytime running light.

The first Lamborghini was gifted to the Italian police department in 2004. The Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4 was gifted to the Italian police department in October 2008 to be used for patrol duty and medical emergencies. Its interiors were fitted with an advanced video monitoring system, GPS data logger, a digital video hookup, gun holster and a police radio. Only 30 officers will be allowed to drive this Lamborghini and they will receive special training to use the equipment present inside this car. It has police bacon on the roof specially designed for the polizia. It uses LED to create maximum visual impact.

With a top speed of 203mph, outlaws should think twice before trying to out run this car. Because you can run, you can hide but you cannot escape the Gallardo 560-4 Polizia stradale.

Source: topspeed

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