October 20, 2020

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    FAA seeks $19.7 million fine against Boeing over sensors

    Federal regulators seeks to fine Boeing $19.68 million for setting up sensors that the agency states might not have been compatible with a system pilots use to observe instrument readings. The sensors make it possible for pilots to utilize “heads-up” systems that display altitude, airspeed and other details on a glass screen in front of […]

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    Boeing doesn’t expect clearance of Max by federal regulators until summer

    Boeing stated Tuesday that it has no expectation if federal regulators will approve its changes to the grounded 737 Max until this summer, several months longer than the company was telling only a few weeks ago. That timetable — the recent of several delays in the plane’s approval process — will cause more troubles for […]


    New rule to it possible to track and identify nearly all drones in the U.S.

    The Federal Aviation Administration will put forward a rule on Thursday which would empower the government to track the majority of the drones in the U.S. The rule will need drones to implement a remote ID system, which will allow third parties to track them. The measure will help law enforcement detect unauthorized drones that […]


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