Taking a look at past BMW model: 1954 EMW 327-2

A few decades ago car models and the engines were quite different from the one that we are using now. Even the familiar and top most car companies that we see has the history, we all know about the BMW cars but do you ever thought what it was called decades earlier.

The BMW Company was actually named as EMW the term E on that referred as Eisenach. Till the World War II, this was called as EMW only after that war it changed as BMW. The EMC 327-2 was among the 505 cars built from 1951 to 1955 in Eisenach, East Germany, McLaughlin stated.

The color and shape of it still look more classy and stylish on that model nearly five hundred cars we manufactured during that period this was one among them. We should feel great pleasure and joy to see those valuable cars in the present period. Craig was the owner of this car.

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