Tata Motors observes a shift in demand towards Jaguar Land Rover’s petrol variants

Jaguar Land Rover, the British luxury brand owned by Tata Motors, has actually stated that there is a strong trend to petroleum models after the recent curbs on diesel vehicles over ecological issues.

Rohit Suri said that there could be a significant shift in the sales pattern with the changing characteristics in the vehicle industry to fuel designs. The pattern has been fueled even more with the cost space in between petrol and diesel diminishing to one of the most affordable points in current times.

The Supreme Court restriction on sale of diesel vehicles with engine capacity upwards of two-litres in Delhi-NCR has affected the company’s finance in the area. Suri feels that the court ought to have taken a holistic view on the reasons behind the rising pollution in Delhi-NCR, rather of taking a stern view against the automobile players.

Discussing the company in India, he said sales for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles have actually been increasing at a rapid pace, seeing a growth of 45% in the very first quarter of this year. However, the brand still lags the German trio of Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW by a long margin in spite of India being a “second house”, as it is the home market for Tata Motors.

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