Tesla drops the entry-level Model X 60D

Images of Tesla Model X 60D

Tesla has silently dropped the Model X 60D variation of its electric crossover, leaving the 75D as your only option. While the Model X wasn’t precisely a budget automobile to begin with, that certainly raises the price of entry. You now need to invest $85,500 before tax credits to get past those falcon wing doors, or around $11,500 more than you did while the 60D was around.

We’ve asked Tesla if it can state why the 60D is leaving a simple 3 months after it made its launching. There’s an opportunity (although slim) that it might tie into the automaker’s looming October 17th event.

But it wouldn’t be unexpected if the starter Model X inhabited an uncomfortable happy medium and just wasn’t offering in addition to the business liked. Finally frugal purchasers are most likely to skew towards the Model S 60, which begins at $66,000.

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