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Tesla Model S Refresh Fascia upgrade by Tuner Unplugged Performance

Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance is offering all Model S owners something to rejoice about with the declaration of their brand-new front fascia kit. It is called the Refresh Fascia, the nosecone-free front aero set created and manufactured by the Hawthorne, California based tuner who by the way lies next door to Tesla’s own Design Center, supplies a distinct and modern appearance to the Model S.

Though the package bears resemblance to the styling cues discovered on the Model X, Model 3 prototype, and the recently revitalized Model S, Unplugged has actually handled to introduce an even sleeker and more stronger performance-oriented look. Perhaps those who will see the most added take advantage of the Refresh Fascia upgrade are the Classic Model S owners who may have felt overlooked after Tesla quietly presented the revised look devoid of the ubiquitous Tesla nose cone.

Unplugged Performance is taking early bookings for the Model S Refresh Fascia upgrade which the firm states will deliver by the end of summer 2016. Interested parties can place a $300 deposit by July 1st to secure a reduced cost of $2495 and $2995 afterwards. The company suggests that the brand-new facelift will work for all Tesla Model S produced after 2012, whether they have Autopilot hardware or not.

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