Tesla Owners Taking Legal Action Against Tesla for Not Being As Fast As It Is Marketed

Tesla Model S

More than 100 unhappy Tesla owners in Norway have taken legal action against the US car manufacturer since the electric automobiles don’t accelerate as rapidly as guaranteed, their attorneys stated.

The 126 complainants assert their electric vehicles don’t speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, as marketed.

“At the core of the matter is that there are customers seeking payment because the automobiles have less horsepower than guaranteed,” one of the lawyers for the owners, Kaspar Thommessen, informing AFP without defining the quantity of damages looked for.

They are taking legal action against Tesla for breach of consumer law.

The conflict concerns the Tesla S P85D, a sedan featuring one of the fastest accelerations worldwide, noted at 700 horse power by the automaker. However according to the discontented owners, the genuine horsepower is only around 469, making velocities a little less incredible than expected.

“Some might believe that this is just whining,” Tesla owner Frode Fleten Jacobsen informed Dagens Naeringsliv, a Norwegian newspaper. “However lots of people pressed their monetary limits in order to own an automobile with 700 horsepower, and when you discover that you didn’t get what you spent for you feel cheated,” he stated.

He told he dished out 873,900 kroner (about 95,704 euros, $107,745) for his vehicle. Tesla Norway on the other hand stated its tests and those carried out by third parties revealed that the vehicle consistently performed as marketed, or much better.

“With respect to acceleration, Tesla described the S P85D as having a 0-100 km/h time of 3.3 seconds, and Motor Trend and others achieved a time of 3.1 seconds,” a Tesla spokesman wrote in an e-mail to AFP.

The case will precede an Oslo court in mid-December. Norway, where electrical vehicles are exempt from taxes, is among Tesla’s greatest markets. The company has actually sold over 1,600 cars this year.

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