Tesla and Sunrun expected to start Nevada rooftop solar sales again

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U.S. solar companies Tesla Inc and Sunrun Inc stated they would resume selling rooftop panels in Nevada due to the fact that legislators passed a bill restoring a policy the state had deserted 18 months ago.

Assembly Bill 405, which advocates stated they anticipate Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to check in coming days, would require electric utilities to acquire excess power produced from their consumers’ rooftop solar setups at near the complete retail rate. That rate will step down slowly as increasingly more households go solar.

Authorities in Sandoval’s office could not immediately be reached for remark.

Called net metering, the buy-back policy is crucial to making residential solar affordable by providing solar owners credit on their bills for energy they produce however do not use.

Nevada’s Public Utilities Commission ditched its previous net metering policy at the end of 2015, moving households with solar panels to a far less beneficial rate structure for power offered back to the utility.

The relocation, which triggered Tesla’s subsidiary, SolarCity, and competing Sunrun Inc to stop doing business in the state, was out of favor with Nevada homeowners. Solar installation jobs dropped 32 percent in 2016 in Nevada.

On Monday, both Tesla and Sunrun stated they would go back to Nevada once the bill was signed.

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