TIME names Tesla Model S as One Of Best Inventions Of 2012

TIME magazine have chose Telsa S Model as one of the best Inventions Of 2012, the Telsa S Model shares the list of likes along with Curiosity Rover, Google Glass, in-door clouds, Bahar Towers, body armor for women and self-inflating tires, and much more.

Apparently the S Model From Telsa is the first electric car that is totally usable in the real world, it has amazing features, great looks, class apart luxury, and the interesting thing is that, the electric car can run upto 265 miles on one single charge, which would embarrass every petrol powered engine in there! Before this Tesla Model S has been awarded as Car of the Year by Automobile Magazine and Yahoo! Autos. The S is at the beginning of its career. The list of its awards and accomplishments will definitely grow much bigger in the future.

“This electric four-door sedan has the lines of a Jaguar, the ability to zip for 265 miles (426 km) on one charge — that’s the equivalent of 89 m.p.g. (2.6 L/100 km) — and touchscreen controls for everything from GPS navigation to adjusting the suspension,” said Time on its Web site. “Tesla is building a network of supercharger stations — six are open so far — so owners aren’t tethered to their home port.”

Take a look at the pictures and stay tuned for more updates.

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