Toyota Prius and TVR Sagaris Don’t Like Each Other in London

Those true car enthusiasts in existence out there must have known what an ideally high performance vehicle the Sagaris from TVR is. In addition to being ideally high powered, the car has now become a very rare model. People will have a very hard time to buy the car, even if they actually do have the kind of money it takes to buy such a car. The thing is, the car is no longer in production. Unfortunately, being a very rare car does not necessarily mean other people being careful and not ramming into the car. In fact, this was exactly what happened only recently in London, England. An eye-catching example of the TVR Sagaris had to suffer from heavy damages after crashing with a Toyota Prius.

Unfortunately, there are not too many details revealed just yet in regards to the incident. Yet, judging by the images of the cars post-crash, it can be seen pretty obviously that the front bumper of the TVR Sagaris has been completely wrecked. Of course, the bumper is not the only part of the car that suffers from heavy damage. The same can be said of the bonnet as well. And, as if those damages alone are not enough to upset the owner of the vehicle and to cost him a lot of money to get his car fixed, the Sagaris in question also suffers from severe impacts on its doors and windscreen. In fact, one of the doors of the vehicle has been completely torn off, mind you!

So, what about the other vehicle then, the Toyota Prius? Well, luckily enough for the owner of the Prius involved in the crash, the car is only damaged on the front section. Unlike the Sagaris above, the Prius has its doors left intact. Well, considering TVR is no longer building that Sagaris model, this must prove to be very upsetting for owner of the vehicle. Perhaps, however, a new vehicle model from TVR may cheer him up. This new model will most likely hit the market within 2 or 3 years and will be built under new management. Just as a reminder, TVR has been taken over by a group of dedicated investors. The new management promises that future models from the automaker will retain the characteristics of the company’s past models, just like the TVR Sagaris.

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