Toyota Shows its admiration for AE86, Makes Initial D GT86 Concept

Toyota Initial D

Toyota is admiring the AE86 Sprinter Trueno in the best possible method, by taking a hint from the popular vehicle racing manga and anime series Initial D.

Toyota has actually beautified a GT86 and offered it that black and white color pattern that fans have actually connected to the Trueno for the previous 30 years.

The Toyota GT86 is the spiritual successor to the 1980s AE86. Both are real-wheel drive, both prefer balance over power, and both tend to turn sideways in a sharp corner. The AE86 is cherished by fans, not only for its function as the scrappy “I think I can” automobile from Initial D, but due to the fact that it was a dependable and practical efficiency device for budding auto lovers.

The AE86 from Initial D was motivated by Keiichi Tsuchiya’s own Trueno. If that name does not seem popular, you might know him by, the Drift King. For the GT86 Initial D concept, Toyota tried to utilize every part possible to match the initial. Properties such as the TRD carbon-fiber hood, the Fujutsubo exhaust, and the black Watanabe F8 wheels all get as close as possible. Even the door manages and engine covers were customized to provide it that original look.


For journalism images, Toyota hired Manga artist Sonia Leong to produce scenes and backgrounds on which to superimpose the brand-new principle.

Toyota is going to tour its GT86 Initial D concept in the U.K. this summer season at numerous car shows.

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