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Union pacific train

Train hits parked car, blocking Eighth Street crossing in Texas

A Union Pacific train hit a parked unoccupied car. The car was parked behind construction barriers at Jackson Avenue and Eighth Street early Thursday afternoon, leaving the railroad crossing there blocked until officials arrive.

Nobody was harmed, officials said.

Police replied to the railroad crossing at Webster and Eighth Street around the afternoon.

They were waiting for investigators associated with Union Pacific to arrive at the scene and move the train.

Bennie Henderson stated he drove behind the construction barriers where a new combined hotel, brewery, and restaurant is being constructed, looking for work. But he parked his vehicle too close to the railroad tracks, and when a train rumbled by a few minutes later, it clipped the tail end of his car, striking his bumper.

Henderson stated he had the car for three days and had moved to Waco recently.

It is not clear when the railroad crossing will be cleared, while police wait for investigating officials to arrive.

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