The legendary Ayrton Senna and the Acura NSX: A Tribute

by Alex

Acura NSX or Honda has often been referred to as the ‘forgotten supercar in the world of exotics.’ A highly advanced all aluminum construction surely helped shed some precious weight but it had made the car’s price shoot through the stratosphere. Then the V-6 engine that it came equipped with could never make the car a fast mover. This in spite of the engine being fairly hi tech of the times. In the process the car went into oblivion. There was the additional factor of brand name and the fame that went along with it. Honda or Acura none had any built up legitimacy to their name at the time of the launch of this car, which was in 1990.

Honda of course was well aware of where it lacked. And it was this that had led the company assign its F1 driver at the time, the legendary Ayrton Senna to fine tune the handling aspects of the NSX. Another area where the NSX scored, and scored comprehansively is the the build quality of the car which was any day far superior than what the best from Ferrari or Lamborghini could offer. In fact, it was the NSX that had forced many a European manufacturer to scale up their production methods.

Included here is a video tribute to the NSX and Ayrton Senna.

Source: motorauthority

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