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NYPD car crash in brooklyn

Two NYPD officers injured after crashing with livery car in Brooklyn

Two NYPD officers were injured after their patrol car collided with a livery car and crashed into a support pillar for elevated subway tracks in Brooklyn Saturday morning, officials said.

The cops were attending the reports of shots fired when they were involved in the collision at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Livonia avenues in East New York around 6:30 a.m., police said.

A video shows the NYPD vehicle accelerating, with lights and sirens blaring.

A livery cab was in the midst of making a leisurely turn at the intersection when the NYPD sport utility vehicle, with lights on and sirens blaring, races through the same spot, the video shows.

The video shows the cop car clip the cab, and then bounce off the pillar for the elevated 3 train at the Pennsylvania Avenue stop.

The impact left the SUV’s front end mangled. Both officers were seriously injured, including one who suffered two broken leg bones, but both are expected to survive, sources said.

One officer was admitted to Brookdale Hospital and the other was admitted to Jamaica Hospital. Both suffered legs injuries and possible broken bones, and were in stable condition, the officials said.

Officials said the livery driver wasn’t injured and no criminality is suspected, but a friend of the driver said the cabbie was “shaken up” and admitted to Kings County Hospital.

The NYPD is yet to find the gunman in the “shots fired” job at Vermont Avenue, though they have recovered a shell casing on the building rooftop, police said.

The crash is currently being investigated.

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