UDrive: You can now rent a car for free in Dubai

UDrive ride sharing

Soon after the statement of a hourly vehicle rental smart service, UDrive revealed a free rental project.

The UDrive for free’ project provides residents and visitors free subscription for a month and one free one hour free drive, inclusive of parking and fuel expenses.

The pay-as-you-go service fee by the minute (from 40 to 50 fils) while ekar’s fare is per hour (Dh24 to Dh30). The lease varies depending upon the area where the car is returned.

The project will bring a cost-efficient service for individuals who wish to attempt an alternative method of renting an automobile.

UDrive provides its members a chance to lease vehicles without needing to define location of return or time in advance.

Hasib Khan, Managing Director and Founder of UDrive, stated, “Vehicle sharing has developed into sustainable mobility with potential for strong development worldwide. [it is great] for those who do not wish to commit to ownership, or do not have the requirement for daily vehicle accessibility, whilst being also a trustworthy connector to the public transport.”

UDrive cars can be reserved and paid for through an app. Automobiles can be rented at a place nearby to the motorists by means of the UDrive app or can be booked for fifteen minutes at no additional expenses. The vehicles scheduled can be opened using the company app and will have to be activated using the pin supplied on the device situated in the glove box.

This keyless access via a mobile phone, and the capability to park free of charge throughout key RTA parking zones in the city, along with free petrol, suggests driver can go anywhere and whenever.

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