BMW, UK Car Market Urging Britain To Not Back Out Of Tariff-Free EU Trade

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In case you’re not familiar with current events in Europe, right now the state of the European Union is in chaos. To give you a brief all-included explanation, EU Referendum voting is in “full swing”. Meaning, many of the countries in Europe are placing their votes through the EU Referendum to remain a part of the European Union or to leave altogether.

Debates, discussions, and decisions being made are heated, with most of the citizens of Europe trying to make sense of what leaving the European Union will mean for them, their family, and the laws governing their country. In a nutshell, Europe is now in one of the biggest transitional periods of law, legislature, and government, EVER in history.

That said, the UK car market is strongly urging Britain to remain a part of tariff-free European Single Market. The Single Market was first established on January 1st, 1993, but with Britain and other European countries taking part in votes to end their participation in the European Union, Britain’s tariff-free, complimentary access to the UK car market through the Single Market could end abruptly.

To combat any halts in vehicle sales, Nissan has agreed to continue vehicle sales to Britain as long as Britain pays “compensation amounts” to cover any tariffs imposed on Nissan that would be due if Britain leaves the EU. To Nissan, financially and from a cost standpoint, nothing would change on their end and it’s business as usual.

Basically, everyone part of the European Union is in a state of asking “What just happened now?” or “What’s going to happen today?”. And it will continue to be like this until laws governing who’s still part of the European Union and who isn’t, along with how these changes affect the trade routes, are settled and things actually calm down.

Britain, just like all other 28 countries currently part of the European Union, have to wait their turn as the wheels of legislature begin turning, as each country laws change regarding their membership in the European Union and who’s still a remaining member.

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