UK’s Nissan Brexit letter still seems sensitive to reveal a year on

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A letter sent out by the British government to Nissan Motor a year previously offering reassurances about Brexit which helped protect a major investment from the Japanese automaker in its UK plant is still really sensitive release, business ministry informed Reuters.

Nissan revealed in October 2016 that it would develop its next generation Qashqai sports utility vehicle and a new X-Trail model at its north of England center, in a significant Brexit boost to Prime Minister Theresa May.

A source informed Reuters that in the letter Britain guaranteed Nissan additional support on the occasion that its departure from the European Union hit the competitiveness of the plant.

The letter triggered issues of secretive deals between government and companies, with business minister Greg Clark assuring last December to release the file once it is no more sensitive.

In reaction to a freedom of details request from Reuters asking when the letter would be made public, the business ministry stated details within it stayed confidential.

“Secretary of State Greg Clark has made it clear that the letter will be released when the industrial confidentialities for the company are not there, and this remains the position. The commercial confidentialities are continuous,” an official stated.

“We stay in touch with the company regarding these problems. It is important that we do not release details prematurely that would hurt Nissan’s competitiveness position.”

Nissan has not made an instant comment when it was contacted by Reuters on Tuesday. The automaker said at the time that assistance and assurances from the officials allowed it to make the investment decision.

Clark had a phone conversation with Nissan in July “to talk about automotive investment”, according to an official government log of ministerial meetings released recently.

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