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2 kids inside car, that had been stolen in Layton City, Utah

Utah: Video reveals man stealing car with two young kids inside

Cops in Layton City, Utah are still searching a male who evaded them in a high-speed chase stealing a car having of 2 young kids.

The suspect, who has since been recognized as Tyler Williams, at first fled from policeman on foot prior to stealing the automobile which had a three-year-old kid and an infant inside.

There was a short battle between Williams and the parents of the kids before he removed with the car and the kids inside. A police officer showed up on the scene and pointed his weapon at the vehicle however Williams sped past undeterred.

“A short time later on, he dropped the three-year-old and infant off in a parking area, then entered a car pursuit with our officers,” Layton City Police stated on Facebook.

Williams scampered from pursuing police vehicles when he got onto the freeway and hit speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.

Layton City Police at first looked for the general public’s assistance recognizing the burglar and discovering the vehicle. They later exposed that Williams was the primary suspect behind the burglary and advised the general public to call them if they had any details on his location.

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