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Volkswagen to recall over 100,000 cars due to fire risk

Volkswagen Group is going to recall over 100,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles globally because of the risk of fire.

About 42,300 owners of Volkswagen Passats, Golfs, Tiguans, and Arteons globally will be notified of the issue.

Volkswagen brand Audi will recall 24,400 vehicles, while Seat and Skoda are also affected.

There is a risk of fire in automobiles that connect a traditional combustion engine to an electric drive and are charged through a socket because of an insufficiently insulated high-voltage battery, the automaker said.

KBA regulator said inadequate fastening of the engine design cover can result in contact with hot parts and subsequently to fire, adding that 16 such cases had been noted in Germany.

This recall concerns Volkswagen brands VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda.

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