Woman killed in three car Vic crash

A three-car smash in southern Victoria has left a women dead and men injured.

It is reported that three cars collided and a motorcyclist skidded off the road on Phillip Island Road at San Remo on Friday afternoon.
Police noted a woman aged in her 50s died, while a man who is in his 60s was airlifted to The Alfred hospital, although his injuries were not serious.

Although a cyclist has died at the same hospital following an alleged hit-and-run collision a kilometre from his Melbourne home previous month. Julian Paul aged 53, was going to home on November 26 with the cycle, after he was hit from behind by a car, he had severe spine and brain injuries. Later he passed away in The Alfred on Wednesday night.

A 31-year-old Moorabbin woman was charged a few days after the incident for failing to stop after an accident and failing to render assistance.

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