World’s fastest Volkswagen Beetle hits 328 kilometers per hour

An extremely modified Volkswagen Beetle has made a new land speed record for the renowned German coupe, recently setting a top speed of 328.195 kmh at the Bonneville Salt Flats located in Utah, United States.

The Beetle LSR is powered by a tuned variation of the R-Line model’s 2.0-litre turbo 4 cylinder engine, including a new turbo battery charger, pistons, camshafts, con rods and cylinder head fine-tunes to produce an incredible 447kW and 571 Newton metres of torque.


It likewise included reduced suspension, skinny tires on moon disc rims and somewhat tweaked bodywork to help it accomplish the top speed recorded over a flying mile as part of the yearly World of Speed. It likewise has two parachutes installed on its boot to assist slow it down at the other end.

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