September 23, 2020

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    footage by Sidney Police Department

    A 10-year-old boy took a car, led officers on a wild chase, and struck into two homes during the pursuit in Ohio, police said.

    The child was staying at a family friend’s house and grabbed the keys to a car after everyone else headed to sleep early Monday, according to the Sidney Police Department.

    An officer saw the car traveling the wrong way on a one-way street but didn’t see that a 10-year-old was driving the vehicle.

    The officer started the pursuit after the driver failed to stop and drove off “in a reckless manner,” police said.

    During the chase, the driver crashed into two houses and caused major damage. He also hit several automobiles before coming to a stop.

    Police were then able to take the child into custody. No injuries have been reported.

    “With the speeds that the 10-year-old was able to get the vehicle up to, we’re just lucky there were no other cars in the area or pedestrians out,” said Capt. William Shoemaker.

    Police said they have a policy not to pursue automobiles driven by an underage person like the kid in this incident. However, police said they did not know a 10-year-old was behind the wheels until after the pursuit had ended.


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