12-year-old car thief arrested, says Delaware police

Police in Delaware says a 12-year-old boy theft a pickup truck from a gas station then led officers on a high-speed chase before colliding and attempting to escape on foot.

According to Delaware State Police said the boy stole the 2003 Ford Ranger while its owner was operating the ATM at a Wawa gas station in New Castle Saturday. Police did not reveal the boy’s name.

When police located the truck, the boy declined to stop and led police on a chase. After crashing into a parked car, police said the boy did a U-turn, accelerated, and then struck into a guardrail after failing to make a curve.

Police said the boy fled from the truck after the crash and attempted to escape on foot before he was arrested by troopers. Police said the boy is facing charges, including three felonies, and has been released on a $8,008 bond.

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