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2 killed when car was traveling at 100 mph hits tree

The North Carolina Highway Patrol stated that a guy driving a vehicle at 100 miles per hour and not wearing a seat belt was one of two individuals that got killed in a accident in Midway.

Ethan Bradshaw and First Sgt. S.T. Harper informed The Dispatch of Lexington that 28-year-old Miguel Adinadab Morato Torres was ejected from the car in the single-car accident Thursday, which was the victim’s birthday.

Bradshaw stated 26-year-old Patricia Rodriguez was a passenger in the car and also was killed.

Harper stated Rodriguez was putting on a seatbelt.

Troopers stated this accident took place on U.S. Motorway 52, where the speed limitation is 65 mph. They stated the 1997 Honda Civic struck a tree.

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