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There is a change in the air, and this time it is with Mercedes Benz and their designs that the change in being noticed upon. From the boxy designs that adorned their makes in the past to a more fluid form is the change going on to. The challenge that the designers at Mercedes face is the conflict between the laid down design regulations that are pedestrian centric and the eco friendly clauses that are also necessary to be adhered to while keeping their designs worthy of bearing their logo.

The Geneva Motor Show held in March 2010 had in its array of display the Mercedes make F800 Style concept car. This car had long wheelbases, short overhangs, and flowing roof lines and is an indication of design changes that is being effected at Mercedes.

There is also quantum changes for the interior of the concept car which was revealed by Mercedes through images released recently.

For the new features that have been incorporated in the interior there is the new multi-function display concept and a human-machine interface (HMI) with a camera-assisted touchpad. This HMI is but an extension of the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system. This gadget has a touchpad on the center console and a camera that records video images of the user’s hand as it works the pad. The central display above the console presents live image of the hand in transparent form. The user can therefore see the contours of his or her fingers glide across the image without covering anything. A feeling similar to that of touching laptop keys is experienced when pressing the display with one’s finger. This way the users know when they are carrying out specific actions.

The next generation Mercedes Benz S Class would have this new feature incorporated in it. Reports indicate so and that it would be out in 2013. The present rotary knob system that makes up the COMMAND system of the present day Mercedes cars would have been done away with by that time.

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