2010 Porsche 997 Turbo V-RT developed by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner has recently brought forth their new package consisting of a collection of improvements relating to aerodynamic design. This announcement about the package came out after a few weeks of elusive marketing. The package that was declared publicly by Vorsteiner was about the latest version of the Porsche 997 Turbo. The newly designed package aims at making the most out of the luxury sports car’s performance. This ambitious package from Vorsteiner would be an attempt to optimize the power of the 2010 Porsche 997 Turbo V-RT’s by tuning the power to weight ratio of the vehicle.

The Vorsteiner has used to greatest advantage the dry carbon fiber vacuum technology in order to make this promising package achievable. Implementation of this technology is not only an application of science but also depiction of an art. The dry carbon fiber vacuum technology permits use of stronger and stiffer body kit. Not only is this type of body kit stronger and stiffer but also, at the same time, it is over 40 percent lesser in weight as compared to the material used in producing regular components used in the standard model.

The new package contains some of the new front-end improvements on V-RT. The visible improvements are in the form of a newly redesigned and re-crafted front bumper. The new front bumper is now made of carbon fiber composite (CFC). The other improvements in the package include a newly added carbon fiber chin spoiler along a larger duct opening. The Porsche 997 Turbo V-RT now does not include fog lights as it has been removed from the package. Automobile experts believe that the removal of fog lights is with the intention of improving the exterior appearance of the super sports car. Perhaps the last changes to the exterior of the car include a one-piece aluminum wheels coupled with high-performance tires. The new high-performance tires are from Michelin PS2 sport tires.

The tuning package also seems to be, as believed by the automobile experts, seriously aims at reducing the weight of the car. The obvious reason for reducing the weight of the 997 Turbo is nothing but to dramatically improve the performance of the sports car. However, there is no official confirmation with respect to the reduced weight of the 997 Turbo. The tuning company has not disclosed any figures with respect to the reduced weight of the sports car under the tuning program.

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