2011 Ferrari 458 Italia gets ‘twin turboed’ by Underground Racing

There are some fantastic projects that the people from Underground Racing are coming out for their North Carolina based firm. Their latest project is expected to match up with the high expectation that they have newly formed for the twin turbo loving tuners. The Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago have been known to be giving a lavish touch with the firm’s twin turbo kits. Now the same firm Underground Racing is in the process of nearly lapping up another luscious turbo kit but this time for a different car the Ferrari 458 Italia supercar.

Except for some teaser images which has been provided by the tuner company themselves, not much details about the kit is known as yet. The idea of the teaser images is much like hanging the proverbial carrots before the horse for us to be led towards the finish line at their behest.

The engine is for sure going to deliver more than 1000 hp as has been the case with most other projects that the firm has been associated with. The original car being of 570 hp means the tuned car would be boasting a doubled up power output. The car is already famous by its own rights and therefore the tuning firm has a lot in hand to make it even more worthwhile.

“Even though we were extremely impressed with the handling and all the other cool features of the 458, we knew there was something missing. So it was then time for the Underground Racing team to design a 458 Twin Turbo system. As the pictures show, this is what we came up with. We will have a Twin Turbo system with a stock engine as Stage 1. The built engine with Twin Turbo system will be stage 2.”

Source: topspeed

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