2011 Lamborghini Gallardo gets twin-turbo boost from RSC

Amari Design has recently come out with a tuning package for the Lamborghini Gallardo that has been reviewed. Now there is the American tuner Racing Sport Concepts (RSC) who has come up with a tuning kit that includes both aerodynamic updates as well as engine updates.

Front splitter and new side skirts in white paint scheme and that’s the same for the rest of the body elements. Black color has been selected for the hood, windshield frame, headlights and side mirrors. Light alloy rims in a five double-spoke design finishes the exterior get up.

Details on the modification that the package would effect on the engine are not known. There are however expectations that the power would go up to a whooping 1000 HP. Also, with that much of power on tap, its just 3 seconds that the car is expected to take to reach the three figure speed mark after starting from rest. Similarly, the top speed that the car will be capable of is expected to be an impressive 200 mph.

Source: topspeed

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