2011 Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR by Russian tuners TopCar

Topcar – the Russian tuning firm it seems had set out to develop what can be termed as the biggest and baddest package ever for the Porsche Panamera Turbo. The package gives the car a whooping 700 hp of thrust, though they started with the model that had 542 hp under its hood and then progressed to one that had 600 hp before ending up with the model with a whooping 700 hp on tap. The package costs 45,000 euro, or about $63,500 with just 25 units of this package ever to be made. However, one will have to hurry as four packages have already been sold out.

For achieving the power boost, Topcar resorted to the use of a new sport air filter, intake manifold, motronik, and valved exhaust system. With this inclusion the Panamera went up to 600 hp. A few more customer specific additions and the car would have its power boosted to 700 hp.

For exterior modifications the package includes changes to the bumpers, the bonnet, front and rare fender extenders, front and rear doors, and side skirts. There is also the addition of extended wings, advanced air vents, sharp outlines for the blade front bumper and bonnet, strongly-marked rear diffuser, and a spoiler on the boot lid. As for the car’s interiors, the tuning firm has left the choice on the owners to have it decked up as per customer’s own preferences.

That the saying, of things getting better with age is true is what TopCar has gone on to prove with this modification package. There is a chance maybe that they might now come out with an 800 hp version of the Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR!

Source: topspeed

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