2013 Ferrari LaFerrari is only ferrari, not designed by Pininfarina Since 1978

The designing of each Ferrari production car has been done by Italian design house Pininfarina since 1951 with 1973 Dino 308 GT4 the only exception which was designed by Bertone. However, this time Ferrari has made yet another exception to this by not taking help of Pininfarina for its brand new 2013 LaFerrari.

The company has designed the 2013 LaFerrari with the help of in-house team instead of taking the help of Pininfarina. Infact, the team at Pininfarina did propose the design for this new car, but the company decided to go for in house design and ensuring clear aerodynamic purpose for its each component.

Some agencies even asked the question to the company as to whether everything is fine between the two to which the Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo answered that they were working with Pininfarina on other two models. The Pininfarina Chairman Paolo Pininfarina stated that the design of LaFerrari was driven by the function.

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