2014 Rolls-Royce Ghawwass Phantom Coupe announced

Rolls-Royce has recently revealed the Ghawwass Phantom Coupe special edition on its official Facebook account.

The British luxury automaker has prepared yet another limited edition of the Phantom Coupe and this special edition version gets the Ghawwass moniker which is inspired by the Arabic word which means “diver.” This nautical-themed Phantom Coupe has been designed in order to celebrate the traditional method of collecting pearls from the Bahrain pearl banks.

The exterior of the Ghawwass Phantom Coupe is in a striking Turchese Blue paint scheme which for obvious reasons resembles the green-blue waters of the Arabian Gulf and comes with a tan and Turchese cabin as a reference to sand and blue waters. Other highlights of the model include pearl veneers and a Dhow sailing boat motif on the headrests and in the coachline.

The company has not revealed any details about the pricing as of now about its latest special edition model and also they have not yet mentioned anything about their plans of how many cars should be produced but one thing is for sure that since it is a special edition, we do not expect large number of units to be produced of the same.

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