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3 teens speed down Beltline in stolen car before crashing into barrier

Three teens sped down the Beltline in a stolen car while police chased them until crashing into a concrete barrier in Monona, according to the police.

Monona Police Chief Walter J. Ostrenga stated in a release that officers saw a white Chevrolet Cobalt speeding down the Beltline about half an hour after midnight. The vehicle’s description matched that of a car reported to have stolen earlier in Fitchburg.

The Monona police officer soon caught up with the concerning vehicle and tried to pull the teens over, but they declined to, and a police chase ensued, according to Ostrenga.

But the chase was not a long one. The stolen vehicle struck a concrete barrier just west of Todd Drive, Ostrenga states, and officers discovered three teens inside. They were brought into custody.

The male driver, a 14-year old from Fitchburg, has been arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Owner’s Consent, felony eluding and many other traffic citations. Where as the two male passengers, a 15-year old from Verona and a 14-year old from Madison, have been arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Owner’s Consent.

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