4 Easy Ways To Pimp Your Ride

Car lovers enjoying doing what they can to improve their car. Sometimes, it can be a struggle thinking of improvements you can make. So, here are four easy ways you can pimp your ride:


New Rims

A great way to make an aesthetic improvement to your car is by replacing the rims. Most standard rims are fairly ugly, particularly if you’ve bought a new car. But, splash a bit of cash and you could have some amazing new ones fitted to your ride. Go online and take a look at the many options available. There are rims in all styles, you can even get some chrome ones. They’ll add an extra bit of class to any vehicle, and increase the value of it. So, if you choose to sell your car at some point, your rims will give it a little bit of a price boost.

Custom Number Plate

If you’re strapped for cash, but want to personalise your ride, then this is the ideal thing for you. Instead of having a regular number plate, why not buy a custom one? It sets your car apart from the rest and can be unique. You can get creative too and try to come up with a cool number plate for your vehicle. Of course, you have to remember to get these new license plates registered and replace your old ones. Thankfully, reg transfers are an easy process, and you should have the legal issue sorted in no time. Then, you’re ready to drive around and show off your cool plates. No one likes to admit it, but you get a pang of jealousy when you see someone with a personalised number plate.

Tinted Windows

Fancy turning your boring car into a classy machine? Then you need to get the windows tinted! Tinting your windows gives your car an air of mystery and makes it feel quite executive. You usually associate tinted windows with limos or cars for famous people. If you have some, it will turn heads and make your vehicle seem awesome. Of course, you have to make sure that the tints are road legal. In a lot of places, it’s illegal to get the front windows tinted, only the back ones are allowed.


Vinyl Wrap

For those of you looking to spend a serious amount of cash, I recommend a vinyl wrap. Getting your car wrapped is a great alternative to painting it. You can get cool designs wrapped onto your vehicle that make it look amazing. Fancy some racing stripes? You’ll be able to have them with ease. The most outrageous idea is to get your car completely chrome wrapped. Your entire vehicle will be encased in chrome; it looks amazing. The best thing about wrapping your car is that it’s reversible. So, get bored of it, and you can easily have it removed and then get a new wrap or do whatever you want.

Give your car some much needed improvements and follow the advice above. If money’s no object, then why don’t you consider every idea on this list? Go on, you know you want to!

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