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Black Tesla Model S P100D

7 Innovative Tesla Modifications to Consider

Tesla is already an innovative company with a variety of features for electric vehicle owners to enjoy, such as multi-device Bluetooth, studio-grade speakers, console-grade gaming components, and much more. 

However, as advanced as stock standard Tesla models like S, 3, X, and Y are, there are so many more exciting upgrades and innovations you can tap into to take your Tesla to the next level. Before settling for a factory finish, take the time to consider the following potential additions. 

Fiber Optic Kits

Fiber optic kits from leading suppliers like XK Glow might be how you give your Tesla the ultimate edge. While there is already a sufficient amount of interior lighting in these vehicles, the addition of fiber optic kits can make it feel like you’re in party mode each time you get behind the wheel. 

You can install the fiber optic sections around seats, door frames, and nearly all interior components. They are easy to install by yourself or with expert help, and you can even set them up to work with the beat of your stereo system. 

Electroluminescent Paint

Teslas are already available in a wide range of beautiful colors, such as deep blue metallic, red multi-coat, solid black, and pearl white multi-coat. However, there’s no reason why you have to stick with solid colors directly from the Tesla factory. 

Once you’re in ownership of a brand new Tesla, you might like to get creative with electromagnetic paint. This innovative paint type is essentially a painted circuit that you can apply to different surfaces, such as car panels. 

The paint relies on an alternating current power source to produce light, yet it shows none of the lighting elements underneath the paint. Whenever an inverter is connected to the paint, such as one within an electric vehicle, it will illuminate whichever paint scheme you developed. 

Businesses prefer electroluminescent paint for artistic installations, retail displays, and general advertising. However, there’s no reason why you can’t get creative with it for your vehicles, as Airbus has done with its A350-1000. 

A Wireless Charger

You can charge your mobile devices wirelessly, so it was only a matter of time before a company started looking at developing wireless chargers for cars. Fulton Innovation came up with eCoupled, the concept of a wireless charger with induction coils that can integrate into your flooring. 

Each time you drive your Tesla into your garage, you can position it on top of the wireless charger and enjoy a charging rate up to 90% as effective as a wired charger. 

While it’s unknown whether a Tesla wireless charger is already available, it’s hard to deny how convenient this could be. Tesla owners could even use it in conjunction with an app to identify their vehicle’s charged status and determine where the nearest charging zones in their area are. 

Extra Storage

When you think of Tesla modifications, you might picture advanced technology that takes your driving experience to a futuristic level. However, sometimes simple changes can be just as desirable. 

When you spend countless hours on the road for work or pleasure, storage can be a considerable problem. You need somewhere to store your drinks, snacks, and other driving essentials. While most Tesla models are equipped with a generous amount of storage, not all of them are. 

An aftermarket EV and Tesla accessories company, Evannex, developed a center console insert for the model S Tesla 2012-2016 that fits seamlessly between the front seats. It’s designed to be easy to install and remove, comes with a universal phone caddy and cup holder, and even has an optional second cup holder. 

The center console insert is the only product currently on the market with a customizable upholstery color and trim finish to look like it was already there when your brand new Tesla rolled out of the factory. 

Vinyl Wrap

The color scheme options that Tesla has to offer are more than satisfactory for most Tesla owners. You can enjoy sleekness and class in black or gray or vibrancy in red or blue. However, there may come a time when you’re entirely happy with your Tesla’s features but bored of its color. 

Rather than upgrading your Tesla, you can wrap it in your choice of vinyl wrap to stand out. Vinyl wrap offers car owners a wealth of surprising benefits that you might not have considered. It can protect your Tesla’s paint for resale value, and it’s an affordable alternative to purchasing a new car or repainting your current one. You may also be pleasantly surprised at the vast array of vinyl options, such as custom art or even carbon fiber. 

While you might need a professional’s assistance to add vinyl to your Tesla, it might be a worthwhile modification that helps your vehicle stand out from the crowd. 

New Interiors

There’s nothing wrong with the interior materials that Tesla vehicles come with out of the factory, as they’re sleek, stylish, functional, and luxurious. However, they are often less ‘flashy’ than some car owners prefer. Rather than installing new car seat covers and trying to be satisfied with neutral hues, you can upgrade your Tesla’s entire interior with alternative companies. 

There are numerous options for how you turn your Tesla into a car you can be proud of. Leather and suede interiors inspired by luxury manufacturers like Ferrari and Bentley are just a few of the many options you might like to explore. 

Illuminated Logos

Tesla stands out for its vast range of technological innovations, such as visual processing, Tesla Vision, and more. However, the exterior shape and style can be similar to other car manufacturers, making it challenging to spot a Tesla in traffic. 

That can all change if you purchase an aftermarket illuminated logo. While it might not be an official Tesla product, it’s a glowing Tesla ‘T’ that leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’re driving a Tesla. 

Tesla is already an innovative brand without any modifications, but there’s room to go even further. If you’re not yet convinced that your new Tesla has reached its full potential, any of the modifications above might be worth considering.

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