Another Ferrari 458 Italia burns down. This time in Brazil

The thoughts of all the Ferrari 458 Italias getting totaled on the roads may have vanished into thin air, but the Curse of the 458 is back yet again.

A look at the photo, will give you a clearer picture of the recent incident in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city finding its name in the news often for all the wrong reasons. Though the details of this report is limited, for Ferrari the news is certainly not something that they were expecting when they launched the car a year ago.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is still undoubtedly one of the fastest and most powerful cars on the streets but the only point of concern is whether the car is reliable enough. People expected Ferrari to get rid of these mysterious issues in the model when they re-launched the car two months prior to this incident. Unfortunately the car is on the wrong side of criticisms. We genuinely hope Ferrari will come up with perfect solutions for the problems; else a car of 458’s stature will be a complete disappointment. But with the reputation that Ferrari has, we are hopeful to see a turn around.

Source: topspeed

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  1. poor italia :(((( i would kill to own one of those cars and fall in tears if that where to happen lol

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