Aston Martin Vanquish S ultimate edition

Aston Martin To End Production Of Vanquish S With Ultimate Edition

Aston Martin is ending production on the existing Vanquish S, however not before presenting a special edition version. The Vanquish S Ultimate, limited to 175 cars, features unique design information throughout the outside and interior.

The automaker is providing the Ultimate Edition in both coupe and convertible type. Either way, similar to any appropriate special edition, the model gets special badging. Search for “Ultimate” badges on the carbon fiber side strakes, seat headrests, and door sills. In addition to plenty of carbon fiber inside and out, the interior features special quilted seats.

Clients can select between three schemes for the exterior and interior. The first is a black-painted Vanquish S motivated by the Ultimate Edition of the first-generation Vanquish S. It gets Copper Bronze accents and black exhaust tailpipes, brake calipers, and wheels, along with carbon fiber on the front grille, side strakes, and hood vents. Looking at the interior, the model puts on black leather with Chestnut Tan stitching.

The 2nd theme integrates paint withblue graphics, yellow brake calipers, and black wheels. Interior has are grey leather seats with blue stitching in addition to Electron Yellow accents. For the 3rd theme, the automaker painted the Vanquish S in White Gold with bronze accents, set against a Chestnut Tan leather interior with black accents. Customers aren’t relegated to these 3 options. The automaker will permit consumers to mix and match any exterior scheme and interior scheme for no extra expense.

There is no powertrain upgrade for the Ultimate Edition. It gets the exact same 6.0-liter naturally aspirated V-12 engine as the basic model, producing 595 hp. The engine comes coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Aston Martin will produce 175 units, and none of them are coming to the U.S. In the U.K., rates for the coupe start at 211,995, and in Germany, the model costs 278,995. Volante convertible models range from 223,995 in the U.K. and 293,995 in Germany.

Although the model is not offered in the US, Aston Martin didn’t overlook the U.S. as it commemorates the end of the present Vanquish. It’s providing a special-edition Vanquish S designed by football star Tom Brady, and just 12 units will be made.

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