Aston Martin triggers contingency strategies for no deal Brexit

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Speedster

British automaker Aston Martin has triggered contingency strategies to cope with a potentially disorderly Brexit, consisting of hiring a new supply chain chief and preparing to fly in components together with use ports other than Dover.

Britain, the world’s fifth largest economy, is due to exist the European Union in just about 80 days but a negotiated withdrawal agreement looks set to be voted down by UK lawmakers in upcoming week, making a “no deal” exit – and disruption to trade – more possibly.

Britain’s car industry, which has hired over 850,000 people and is among the country’s rare manufacturing success stories, has cautioned that leaving the world’s biggest trading bloc without a deal would bring costs and could stop output due to snarl-ups.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Andy Palmer stated the luxury automaker, which outlined its contingency strategies in October, had no choice but to authorize them at a board meeting in December.

Aston is signing deals with provider DHL to allow for the use of ports except Dover – Britain’s busiest and so most likely to be disrupted by any customs delays – and has authorized its supply chain group to make air freight bookings.

The government has stated it will prioritize the movement of major supplies such as medicines if the flow of goods is hit after Brexit, so it is not clear what would happen to other items.

“We don’t have any assurances,” stated Palmer. “One assumes if you’re putting parts onto a standard chartered plane, no one’s going to kick you off.”

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