Audi A1 to have five-door convertible S variant?

So it seems like the A1 series will be broadening its horizons with a 5-door variant. According to the boys (drivers) at Autocar, Audi plans on selling 100,000 A1’s each year and if it wants to pull those numbers from papers and put them in stats, it will need to diversify, this is where the A1 rumors come into play.

According to the source, the five-door Sportback will come with a four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engine options as well as a convertible version that is likely to land sometime in 2012. More importantly, it will sport a fabric roof with seating for 4.

We can only speculate, but seeing how Audi is pushing forward with new models, this wouldn’t seem to be too farfetched, so we’ll let you know if we hear anything else.

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