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Audi S5 Sportback by Senner Tuning: Official Specs, Price and Photos

Despite the fact that the 2012 model is already on sale, Senner Tuning decided to create one last upgrade program for the previous generation Audi S5.

The new tuning package comes with modest upgrades for the body changes considering that the german tuning company has only added a matted black glitter with bright borders, body matching moldings and fog-light frames. In addition to that they fitted this car with a new wheel and tire combination comprising from the tuner’s 20 inch Elegant TS-7 wheels wrapped in Conti Sport Contact 5P tires (255/30R20 front and 295/25R20 rear).

In order to make this car more stable, Senner lowered their Audi S5 by 40 mm at the front and 35 mm on the rear axle thanks to a Bilstein adjustable suspension.

Although the car’s supercharged 3.0 liter engine, in standard form, develops 333 hp, the tuner decided that this isn’t enough, so they updated this car which now develops 445 HP (327 kW) and 530 Nm. The power and torque premium has been achieved through the installing of an ECU remap and a high-flow sports air filter.

Finally, the tuner has also fitted a stainless steel exhaust system, which hepls the powerplant to “breathe” more easily and offers a distinct sound. This system features sport catalytic converters and a four pipe muffler. This allows.

Total cost of this package if 15,000 euro, and that’s including the carbon fiber treatment for the interior.

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