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Audi stops A4, A5 production at Ingolstadt due to parts shortage

German luxury automaker Audi will stop production of the A4 and A5 luxury models at its Ingolstadt base today until Thursday because of parts scarcity after a fire at a provider, it stated.

Audi produces 1,400 A4 and A5 models every day at the plant, its biggest, that means it will lose 5,600 vehicles this week. A fire at a supplier making front wall cladding had disrupted parts deliveries, a spokesperson stated on Monday.

About 8,500 of the 43,000 employees Audi uses at the plant will be impacted and will not be working between Monday and Thursday, she stated. Production of A4 and A5 designs at a plant in Neckarsulm had not been impacted.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported the event previously on Monday.

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