Audi UK Online Heritage Showroom goes online

Thanks to the ever increasing competition in the automobile market, the cars down the line are a highly improved set of wheels. Nowadays cars come with many gadgets with beneficial software incorporated in them, with revolutionary safety features and bullish engines roaring its way down the streets. Those LED lamps, the spoilers and those stylish set of wheels make the modern day car look better and better and all the more futuristic. But what about the cars of the golden yesteryears that have simply ruled the markets and have won our hearts? With the modern cars we are not to forget the “Old is Gold” ones for sure that have kept us enthralled during their hey days. However, and unfortunately at that, getting some information on a car from the past is often a big deal. Thus we think that this initiative from Audi to launch an Online Heritage Showroom should be looked upon as a great decision to help people look up at the cars that they absolutely adored.

The web page from Audi is not only dedicated to fans of the German Manufacturer but for all those who still have a passion for the vintage cars. This is the place to be on the net if you think “Old is really Gold”.

The exhibition of cars starts from the 1913 model from Audi named the Audi Type C R8 which has always been a favorite and a road ruler in those days. Audi has most of their cars on the virtual display as well. The company has also highlighted the revolutionary improvements they have brought about in the automobile world with the Quattro all-wheel drive system along with many other glorifying moments from the past. We suggest you go to the Audi website and check out all the goodies in store for you going back a 100 years.

Source: carscoop

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