Audi Urban Concept to go for production

The Internationally renowned German automaker Audi had presented the Urban concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show recently. It is rumored that Audi is planning to put the interesting concept model to production and release it into the markets in subsequent years.

Under the hood, the Audi Urban concept has two electric motors which produce an output of 20 horse power and 47 N-m of Torque to the wheels. The car races from 0 to 37 miles per hour in just six seconds and can attain a maximum speed of 62 miles per hour. The car can run on electric power to cover a distance of around 45 miles at one go.

The Audi Urban Concept car is two seater vehicle targeted at customers living in urban and sub-urban areas. The car design somehow reminds us of the very old retro car models especially the wheels and front portion of the car. It combines effectively the elements of a roadster, city car and a race car I one complete package. The Urban Concept is supposed to be a sportback model and have dimensions of 3.219×1.678×1.189 m. It is not that heavy and will probably weigh around 1,058 pounds.

Car Magazine reports that the Audi Urban will likely hit the markets in 2013 and that only 999 units of the model will be manufactured.


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